Stem cell Differentiation media Glioma differentiation into Human Neuronal lineage

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Gibco™Neurobasal™ Medium

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Upstream tips
Culture vessels were coated with poly-l-lysine.
Protocol tips
Neurobasal medium (ThermoFisher, 21,103), B-27 supplement (ThermoFisher, 17,504), GlutaMax-I supplement (ThermoFisher, 35,050), dibutyryl cAMP (0.5 mM added on day 7 for three days) and primocin was used for NSCs.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Protocol tips
DMEM/F-12 medium, reduced serum to 1% (v/v) FBS, 2% (v/v) Pen/Strep and supplemented with 10 µM of all-trans RA (differentiation medium)
Protocol tips
DMEM with only 1% FBS with RA [10 μM]
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